Yours Truly

by The Giver

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released June 3, 2016

Songs Written & Performed by
The Giver

Unsteady Cowritten with
Gabriel Padilla

Produced and Engineered by
Sam Pura

Recorded at
Panda Studios, Fremont, CA

Assistant Engineering by
Miguel Perez, Matt Qualls, & Cody Fuentes

Album Artwork and Band Photography
Johann Ramos of DREAMFILMSLA

The Giver would like to thank
The Moehau family, the Purcella family, the Reimer family, the Kielhack family, Sam Pura and the Panda Studios team, the Rubalcava family, DREAMFILMSLA, and everyone who has supported us along the way.



all rights reserved


The Giver Los Angeles, California

Four-piece band from Hawthorne, CA.
'Memorial' now available on Dreambound!
Instagram: @thegiverband
Twitter: @thegiverband

'Memorial' Music Video:

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Track Name: Reliever
With each thought I thrust this shovel that you've given me into the earth/And I dig my grave/I don't trust my love/but it's through faith that I've found mirth/But My faith is fading/as desire dies/Tell me how do I believe when I allow the need for justification to thrive/Accepting a truth is easy/But To challenge it would appease me/I’m begging you from my knees God/Please God/relieve me/Relieve me of my doubt/Relieve me of my constant need to see to believe because lately it's been leaving me with hardly anything to pursue that I feel holds value/But I just want to know you/My inability to accept these banalities haunts me/If the devil is real then he's forming an army/he’s drafting our young/and he wants me/But if my God gave me his commandments/I fear that I've taken his love and that I've damned it/Why create us with the
ability to question if all of the answers lie in you/We put knowledge on a pedestal when we should rely on you/Your children are in desperate need of compassion/father/please have mercy on the blind/Your love is nourishing/even in the smallest of rations/teach us to act out of love rather than overthink with our minds/It’s too frequent that I find myself the delinquent/I’m just searching for the answers I never meant to offend/I’m not saying I don't believe/I’m just trying to find the means/but as of now/I’m on the fence/What if we knew the truth/What if God showed his face to everything that he gave life to/and we weren't so confused/Until that day/I’m afraid that I'll struggle with faith/And I'll continue to pray and cry out your name/Father/Father/Relieve me/
Track Name: Self-servant
We think therefore we are/Well maybe that's taking it a step too far to assume that anyone other than me can think or let alone blink in attempts to keep up to par/To hold up their end of this deal that we've agreed to by existing/we are all aware/Our sixth sense of self compels us to try and be seen as individuals/Mindless of residual/Our selfish ways so beautiful/pitiful/they’re miscible/This life is not worth living/When we're taking while we're giving/So give up on lust/And give in to love/Don’t support the ideals that we are all slaves of/This life is not worth living/When we're taking while we're giving/In one way or another our end goal is the same/It’s self gain and I'm afraid that it's inevitable/When even our most selfless acts will try to find a way to give us something to take away/because selflessness is reputable/And as much as I hate that fact it's beautiful/It’s pitiful/they’re miscible/
Track Name: Memorial
I still remember the police lights that painted your house a new color on that day/And I still remember all the thoughts that I had and that I couldn't find one word to say/I remember how fake it felt and how much I wanted to hear that it was all a joke/But it was no joke/because you slept on that night and when the morning came you never woke/But on the day of your funeral/I didn't want to but I stood up and I tried to speak/I fought with myself to be strong but I knew deep down that I was weak/I’m so weak/This is your memorial/For weeks after I couldn't eat or sleep or repeat the word fine anytime someone asked how I was doing/But I was still doing it/I played pretend but I was losing it/Because I wasn't ready to lose you/and I can't live with the fact of knowing that there's nothing that I can do to bring you back/It’s really quite selfish of me/But I would if I had the opportunity/I’m so tired of sitting at home/I’m so tired of feeling abandoned/I’m a damned kid/I’m just tired of being alone/So tired of trying to manage this baggage/From collateral damage/These are just memories that seem to haunt my mind on a daily basis/You are my greatest weakness but in turn you are my aegis/And together we lead a legion of the living who can't help but carry their dead/This weight takes its toll but each day we move forward taking one step/One step towards the end/one step towards knowing if we'll ever see our loved ones again/We refuse to rest until we breath our last breaths/Until our hearts beat their last beats inside of our beaten chests/Although our cause is worth fighting for we aren't looking to wage a war/We’re just fighting to lead our lives/we’re just hoping for something more/Searching for a state of being subsequently giving death a meaning/But until such knowledge is obtained it's in the dark that we'll remain/Living on in me/I will carry on your name/I still carry you with me/We refuse to rest until we breath our last breaths/Until our hearts beat their last beats inside of our beaten chests/
Track Name: Unsteady
She showed me what it was like for every girl that I've ever been with before/Thinking that we loved each other equally/but in reality I loved her more/Because what was before wasn't love just empty lies that formed an abyss/Pulling me in oh so dangerously/the opposite of this/It’s her touch and her touch alone that fills me with bliss/Therefore the amount of pain inflicted by her absence is limitless/It’s this pain that I fear/but it's her I would miss/It’s this pain that I fear/but it's her I would miss/I miss you/And I still keep the flower that you put in my hair on that shelf in my bedroom/And it sits on top of the rock that reads fuck off I love you/that you carved into/But each day it withers away with the hope that I had and I'm glad/But more so I'm mad at myself/for allowing that constant reminder of you to live there on that shelf/for as long as it has/Letting it slowly lose it's color/When I could easily take it away by holding it to a flame until it turns a whole new shade of grey/I’m not quite sure that I'll ever find the strength/To forgive myself for letting you go/And to try and forget the words that I never had the chance to say/The words that I so badly wanted you to know/I miss you/Unsteady/I’m still not ready to let go/Let go of this/Unsteady/I see your letting your control/Control slip/She was at his house house having a drink like the night before/But I was on her mind/and she couldn't ignore it anymore/And then she decides to call me/And the words that she chose to say were appalling/She said that she missed me every second of every day/She said the words that I'd only dreamt that she would say/Maybe it's true and she loves me/Or maybe she just loves the way that I make her feel/Maybe she loves the way that I look at her/Maybe my love was real/Unsteady/I’m still not ready to let go/Let go of this/Unsteady/I see your letting your control/Control slip//Maybe I'm sane/but I can't help but feel strange/Tangents of thoughts that I thought had purpose lose purpose leaving me perplexed/But less so than when I didn't know how useless such thoughts could really be/But now I can see/that if she is a reality then at least someone knows the real me/and how uncertainty fills this temple that I've come to know as my own body/ shackled by the Tyranny of customs I shake/but these chains won't break /I’m a slave/I long to be set free in hopes that I can see not only what I can but what others perceive/